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As we bounce forward out of Covid, and enter a new economically difficult period, how do we determine our individual and collective futures?

And how do we implement them, especially as it seems clear that we’ll need to be innovative and flexible for some time yet? And what are our audiences thinking?

We’re a creative sector, great at adapting and problem-solving. And there’s much to think about. How do we remain relevant – and carve out an innovative offer and transcend the limitations that living with Covid imposed and may continue to impose upon us? How do we capitalise on the digital skills we have learnt? What do we keep from our adapted ways of working and how do we turn those into real advantages? What are our core values?  How can we focus on those as we plan our new futures? How do we stay in touch with our audiences and stakeholders, and find new ones?  How do we adapt to thrive again? What have we learned over the last two years? What will the wider future look like?

And now we have other challenges to meet, as we enter a new period of economic uncertainty and inflation that will inevitably impact on us as a sector.

We’ve all been thinking hard about these questions and will need to continue thinking about them. How do we keep our organisational narratives and business plans relevant?

Need help? 

I’m passionate about the sustainability of our sector. The arts, culture and heritage are hugely important to society, communities – to all of us – right now. I can assist you with:

  • Working with your brand:
    • your vision, and mission and what it means in a new world. Everything starts with this, and it is key to your survival
  • Strategic planning:
    • horizon-scanning, scenario planning, planning your resources; risk assessment
    •  Increasing resilience, finding new sustainability
  • Keeping your audiences engaged; understanding their motivations, needs and fears
  • Change management and agreeing priorities – strategic and operational: what do you keep? what do you jettison? what do you do differently? how do you implement this and take your team with you?
  • Adapting your key stakeholder relationships;  developing new strategic alliances
  • Leadership support and advice:
    • Understanding your teams – balancing your organisational needs with their needs
    •  Working with your Board 
  • Programming decisions
    • Your artistic/cultural offer
    • Determining a new scale and scope of activity during uncertainty
    • Balancing ambition, capacity, and financial imperatives
    • Adapting your in-house activities and delivery
    • Determining your “new normal” (now or more long-term)
  • Communications
    • The importance of listening, transparency
    • Tone: getting both the message and the messenger right
    • Talking to the right people at the right time
    • Identifying channels
  • Fundraising principles: Things to consider as you develop your new business plan and your resource needs
  • Writing bids and business plans

I also have strong networks and colleagues in these and related areas: research, evaluation, training, project development, fundraising, leadership & management and HR – whom I can bring in to add value and expertise.

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