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The window of the Lush store in York. Respect!
Awww, autumn. Leave your used pumpkins out to feed our wildlife – but don’t put them on the ground, as they cause gastric upset to hedgehogs, which is dangerous for them as they go into hibernation. Pop them on a wall, or some other above-ground structure where the birds and those ever-agile squirrels can enjoy them
A sign on Broadway…in these covid times
Boxing Day walk near where I live. It caught my ear, too: at one point I stopped to just listen…and heard the melting snow gurgling as it ran down the hill in a rivulet at my feet, the river behind me tumbling over its stones, one solitary vehicle coming down the lane, some ducks, a pheasant, a laughing family walking together further up the track, and one mournful bellow from some highland cattle in a field nearby. But mostly it was just…still…
Absolutely beautiful mosaic glass ball by Sue Smith (Sue Smith Glass – see her facebook page) in the grounds of National Trust’s Cotehele in Cornwall.
The Gardens Trust

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